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Fluidworks Paweł Rutkowski


I am self taught FX Artist from Poland. When I was 19 I started my first job at Lokomotion Studio in Gdańsk as 2D & 3D Generalist. From this time I was learning all aspects of 3D production using Cinema 4D. About 2015 I decided to focus on FX works and started teaching myself Houdini FX, and in 2016 I went freelance to work more in area of my specialization.

Skills & Qualifications Summary

- Experience in creating variety effects such as fire, smoke, RBD, fluid and particle simulation, explosion and destruction

- Skilled in creating digital assets and procedural tools

- Experience in rendering, shading, lighting and texturing (Mantra, Arnold, Redshift)

- Proficiency in multipass rendering and compositing

- Ability to work closely with other artists as well as alone

- Flexibility and ability to work under pressure and tight deadline

- Always open to share knowledge and techniques with other artists

- Passion for movies and video games - Willingness to learn and develop new skills


Main software: HoudiniFX | Cinema4D | Adobe Suite

Secondary software: Maya | RealFlow | Nuke | Unfold3D


Freelance FX Artist

06/16 - present | Self-employment „Fluidworks” | Gdynia

- Smoke simulations for Fox Sport NFL Intro for Creative Works London

- House collapsing on earthquake for PushFX Studio

- Clouds, fire, smoke, fluid simulations for Guns&Roses Roadshow Opener for CW London

- Particles simulations for Above & Beyond Music Video

- Several personal projects focused on destruction simulations

- Managing a lot of smaller projects and contact with the customers

3D Generalist

06/12 - 06/16 | Lokomotion Studio | Gdańsk

- Fluid simulations such as fire, smoke, explosions using TurbulenceFD in Cinema4D

- Liquid simulations such as water, blood, viscous substances using Realflow

- Modeling, Shading, Texturing, Lightning, Rendering using Cinema4D

- Wide range of 2D animations using Adobe After Effects

- Video editing and color correction using Adobe Premiere Pro

- Preapring animations for video mapping

- Managing projects


21/06/17 - „Destruction Simulation: Tips and Tricks” | Interview for

02/02/18 - „Experiments with Procedural Modeling” | Interview for

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